ESSAY: Why I Studied Creative Writing.

I came to college three years ago with every intention of studying Physical Therapy. The University of Central Arkansas is a great school to study this, so it was an obvious choice. I’m not the best at the sciences, however, I quickly realized that I was in the wrong program. With no clear leads about... Continue Reading →


FICTION: South by Southeast

This short was written for a fiction class in my sophomore year of college, and it remains one of my fondest pieces of work. My professor, John Vanderslice, asked us to write in 2nd person, a perspective he particularly enjoys. I found out that, odd as it, I enjoy it too. It is relatable, and I... Continue Reading →

POEM: On the Wire, the Crow

On a wire, the crow, black on black in black night. Tell me now, what do you know? His voice cuts in heavy night, crisp, an acrobat on a tightrope. On a wire, the crow. Murder, where is your murder? Black eye bright in black night. Tell me now, what do you know? Everywhere I... Continue Reading →

POEM: Concrete Cheese

Concrete stretches for miles, grasping for            oblivion. I came here hoping to hear                       nothing. Now, silence. Dust            clumped under my feet. Stillness                       resonates within me,... Continue Reading →

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